Tuesday, January 03, 2006

designtaxi - creativity on credit 2005

TAXI announces the Best Websites for 2005:

.Favorite Website of The Year
.Editors' Pick Favorite Portfolio Site
.Favorite Weekend Pick
.Favorite Comeback Site
.Favorite Flash-Animated Site

.Favorite Interior Design / Architecture Site
.Favorite Photography Site
.Favorite Illustration Site
.Favorite Product / Industrial Design Site
.Favorite Fashion Design Site
.Favorite Breakthrough Site
.Favorite Fashion Design Site
.Favorite Consumer Site
.Favorite Campaign Site
.Favorite Design Business Site

.Best Use of Colors
.Best Navigation & Layout
.Best Use of Sound Effects
.Best Use of Domain Name
.Best Use of Typography
.Best Use of Concept

good choices!
designtaxi - creativity on credit 2005


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