Friday, December 30, 2005

ifilm - viral video best of 2005

viral video best of 2005.

-Keyra II: Electric Bootyloo
-God Warrior
-Numa Numa Dance
-Kanye West Attacks Bush!
-Gap: Pardon Our Dust
-chinese Backstreet Boys
-World of Warcraft with Leeroy Jenkins
-Christmas Light Show
-Boom Goes the Dynamite
-Mr. T's Rap Song
-Star Wars Episode III: A Lost Hope
-Super Mario on an 11 String Bass
-Cruise Gone Wild!
-Appalachian Hot Hot Hot
-America We Stand As One
-Kennedy: Your Mama
-Zappa on Crossfire
-Paris Hilton's Carl's Jr.
-Dancing Matt
-tyra Banks Gone Wild
-Banned Super Bowl Ad
-This Place Sucks
-Will You Go To Prom With Me?
-Is This The Way To Armadillo?

don't miss mr.t's hip hop ode to his mama!
ifilm - viral video best of 2005


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