Saturday, May 20, 2006

mtv asia motion design - codehunters

just awesome!


Agency: MTV Asia
Executive Producer: Charmaine Choo
Production Company: Blinkink
Producer: Bart Yates
Director: Ben Hibon
Screenplay: Ben Hibon
Concept and Storyboard: Ben Hibon

Animation House: Axis Animation
Executive Producers: Imke Ferhmann, Richard Scott
Development Producer: Sam McCarthy
Line Producer: Laura Seymour, Tracey Paddison
Technical Director: Stuart Aitken
Modellers: Sergio Caires, Ray Slattery, Mark Brumby, Franco Bresciani, Ian Brown, Graham McKenna, Jan Almqvist
Junior Modeller: Dave Cleland
Rigger & TD: Jackub Krompolc, Franco Bresciani
Animators: Cath Brooks, Joe Smith, Steve Townrow, Karin Mattson, Jan Almqvist
Lighting & Compositing: Graham McKennna, John Barclay, Sergio Caires, Carlos Corriera, Nuno Conceicao

Post Production House: The Mill
2D Producer: Lee Pavey
3D Producer: Stefanie Boose
TK Producer: Eva Marie Daniels
CG Animation & FX: Andrew Proctor
Inferno Artist: Stefan Coory
Colourist: James Bamford

> mtv asia motion design - codehunters by ben hibon
> ben hibon @ film network


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why oh why don't people credit sound music as well? it's 50% of the experience!!

1:06 PM


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